“A Matter of Traces” is a science fiction short story by American writer Frank Herbert, first appeared in Fantastic Universe magazine in November 1958 and later in Herbert’s 1985 short story collection Eye. It is the first story to mention Herbert’s ConSentiency universe, one of his three elaborate fictional universes spanning multiple volumes (the others being the Dune universe and the Destination: Void universe developed with co-author Bill Ransom).

Order of the ConSentiency Books

Below is the list of all ConSentiency books in the order they were published. The order also matches the chronological order of the books:

A Matter of TracesFrank Herbert1958
The Tactful SaboteurFrank Herbert1964
Whipping StarFrank Herbert1970AmazonKindleiTunes
The Dosadi ExperimentFrank Herbert1977AmazonKindleiTunes

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