Faythe Sanders/The Shifters

Faythe Sanders is a female werecat, struggling to establish her place in the Pride led by her father.[3]

Although this series is set in a fantasy world it explores many adult-realistic themes such as rape, sexism, and self-development. The main character Faythe Sanders is a strong independent woman who struggles to find a balance between being loyal to herself and her own beliefs, while working towards building a safer-better future for her pride. She is a unique character that is not afraid to risk her image and life for what she believes in, although not always achieving a favorable outcome. It is a unique story in which although she is a werecat with a strong personality and convictions, she is still physically weaker than her male-werecats, and not always making ‘smart’ choices. This makes for a some-what realistic story line as her character is more realistic in the fact that she does often make mistakes and has to deal with being physically weaker than her other pride members. This does not stop her from overcoming adversity and demonstrating that there is a lot more she (and women) can offer than reproduction of the race, but she can lead her pride into a brighter future. That strength is more than being physically strong.

Order of Faythe Sanders/The Shifters Series Books

Below is the list of all Faythe Sanders/The Shifters Series books by Rachel Vincent in their chronological order:

StrayRachel Vincent2007AmazonKindle
RogueRachel Vincent2008AmazonKindle
PrideRachel Vincent2009AmazonKindle
PreyRachel Vincent2009AmazonKindle
ShiftRachel Vincent2010AmazonKindle
AlphaRachel Vincent2010AmazonKindle

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