Farley Drexel Hatcher (A.K.A. “Fudge”) is a fictional character in several novels by Judy Blume. In the television series Fudge, he was played by Luke Tarsitano.

Order of Fudge Books

Below is the list of all the Fudge books in their chronological order. The list also matches the order the books were published in:

Tales of a Fourth Grade NothingJudy Blume1972Amazon KindleAudiobookiTunes
Otherwise Known as Sheila the GreatJudy Blume1972AmazonKindleAudiobookiTunes
SuperfudgeJudy Blume1980AmazonKindleAudiobookiTunes
Fudge-a-ManiaJudy Blume1990AmazonKindleAudiobookiTunes
Double FudgeJudy Blume2002AmazonKindleAudiobookiTunes

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