Lord John

The Lord John series is a sequence of historical mystery novels and shorter works written by Diana Gabaldon that center on Lord John Grey, a recurring secondary character in the author’s Outlander series. Secretly homosexual “in a time when that particular predilection could get one hanged,” the character has been called “one of the most complex and interesting” of the hundreds of characters in Gabaldon’s Outlander novels. Starting with the 1998 novella Lord John and the Hellfire Club, the Lord John spin-off series currently consists of six novellas and three novels.

Order of Lord John Books

Below is the list of all Lord John books in their chronological order. The list also matches the order the books were published in:

Lord John and the Hellfire ClubDiana Gabaldon1998AmazonKindle
Lord John and the Private MatterDiana Gabaldon2003AmazonKindleiTunes
Lord John and the SuccubusDiana Gabaldon2003
Lord John and the Brotherhood of the BladeDiana Gabaldon2007AmazonKindleiTunes
Lord John and the Haunted SoldierDiana Gabaldon2007
Lord John and the Hand of DevilsDiana Gabaldon2007AmazonKindleiTunes
The Custom of the ArmyDiana Gabaldon2010
The Scottish PrisonerDiana Gabaldon2011AmazonKindleiTunes
Lord John and the Plague of ZombiesDiana Gabaldon2011AmazonKindleiTunes
BesiegedDiana Gabaldon2017

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