Sky Fall

The Sky Fall series is a young adult fantasy series written by Shannon Messenger about seventeen-year-old Vane Weston, who learns he is a sylph, a wind spirit. He is betrothed to Solana, heir to the throne, but falls in love with Audra, who had been assigned to protect him. As the last remaining sylph with the power to speak to the Westerly winds, Vane must use them to defeat the evil and power-hungry Raiden. He struggles through many challenges, and while trying to defeat Raiden, he also must protect Audra and their relationship, even though most others are against it. Can Vane, Audra, their friends, and army save the world as they know it before Raiden overpowers them all?

Order of the Sky Fall Books

Below is the list of all the Sky Fall books in their chronological order:

Let the Sky FallShannon Messenger2013AmazonKindleAudiobookiTunes Books
Let the Storm BreakShannon Messenger2014AmazonKindleAudiobookiTunes Books
Let the Wind RiseShannon Messenger2016AmazonKindleiTunes Books

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