Soul Screamer

Kaylee Cavanaugh wants to be a normal schoolgirl but she possesses a strange power. She doesn’t see dead people, but she can sense when somebody nearby is about to die: when that happens she is compelled to “scream bloody murder”.

Order of Soul Screamer Series Books

Below is the list of all Soul Screamer Series books by Rachel Vincent in their chronological order:

My Soul to LoseRachel Vincent2009AmazonKindle
My Soul to TakeRachel Vincent2009AmazonKindle
My Soul to SaveRachel Vincent2010AmazonKindle
My Soul To KeepRachel Vincent2010AmazonKindle
My Soul To StealRachel Vincent2011AmazonKindle
ReaperRachel Vincent2010AmazonKindle
If I DieRachel Vincent2011AmazonKindle
Never to SleepRachel Vincent2012AmazonKindle
Before I WakeRachel Vincent2012AmazonKindle
With All My SoulRachel Vincent2013AmazonKindle

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