Thaddeus Murfee

Order of Thaddeus Murfee Books

Below is the list of all Thaddeus Murfee books by John Ellsworth in their chronological order:

A Young Lawyer’s StoryJohn Ellsworth2016AmazonKindle
The DefendantsJohn Ellsworth2014AmazonKindle
Beyond a Reasonable DeathJohn Ellsworth2014AmazonKindle
Attorney At LargeJohn Ellsworth2014AmazonKindle
Chase, the Bad BabyJohn Ellsworth2014AmazonKindle
Defending TurquoiseJohn Ellsworth2014AmazonKindle
The Mental CaseJohn Ellsworth2014AmazonKindle
Unspeakable PrayersJohn Ellsworth2015AmazonKindle
The Girl Who Wrote the New York Times BestsellerJohn Ellsworth2015AmazonKindle
The Trial LawyerJohn Ellsworth2015AmazonKindle
The Near Death ExperienceJohn Ellsworth2015AmazonKindle
Hollywood StationJohn Ellsworth2018
Flagstaff StationJohn Ellsworth2018AmazonKindle

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