The Farseer Trilogy

The Farseer Trilogy is a series of fantasy books by Robin Hobb. It follows the life of FitzChivalry Farseer (Fitz), a trained assassin, in a kingdom called The Six Duchies while his uncle, Prince Verity, attempts to wage war on the Red-Ship Raiders from The OutIslands who are attacking the shores of the kingdom by turning the people of the Six Duchies into Forged ones; a form of zombification which makes them emotionless. Meanwhile, Prince Regal’s jealousy and the indulgence of his own selfish whims threatens to destroy the Six Duchies.

Publication Order of The Farseer Trilogy books

Below is the list of all The Farseer Trilogy books in the order they were published:

Assassin’s ApprenticeRobin Hobb1995AmazonKindleiTunes
Royal AssassinRobin Hobb1996AmazonKindleiTunes
Assassin’s QuestRobin Hobb1997AmazonKindleiTunes

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