The Genesis of Shannara

The Genesis of Shannara is a series of novels written by Terry Brooks. The first book, Armageddon’s Children, was released by Del Rey Books on August 29, 2006, in the United States and by Orbit Books on September 7, 2006, in the United Kingdom. These novels bridge the Word & Void series with the Legends of Shannara series, two other of Brooks’ productions. They cover events during The Great Wars, which are alluded to often in the Shannara series.

Order of the The Genesis of Shannara Books

Below is the list of all The Genesis of Shannara books in the order they were published. The order also matches the chronological order of the books:

Armageddon’s ChildrenTerry Brooks2006AmazonKindle
The Elves of CintraTerry Brooks2007AmazonKindle
The Gypsy MorphTerry Brooks2008AmazonKindle