The Sellswords Trilogy

The Sellswords is a trilogy of fantasy novels written by R. A. Salvatore, whose related works include The Legend of Drizzt series and The Hunter’s Blades Trilogy. It contains three books, Servant of the Shard (also included as the third book in the Paths of Darkness quartet, which books were later published as the 11th through 14th books of The Legend of Drizzt), Promise of the Witch King, and Road of the Patriarch.

Order of The Sellswords Trilogy Books

Below is the list of all The Sellswords Trilogy books in the order they were published:

Servant of the ShardR.A. Salvatore2000AmazonKindleiTunes
Promise of the Witch KingR.A. Salvatore2005Amazon KindleiTunes
Road of the PatriarchR.A. Salvatore2006AmazonKindleiTunes

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