The Soldier Son Trilogy

The Soldier Son Trilogy is a fantasy novel series by Robin Hobb. Set in a new world unrelated to her previous trilogies, the Soldier Son Trilogy follows the life of Nevare Burvelle, the second son of a newly elevated Lord of the Kingdom of Gernia.

The career of a person living in Gernia is heavily influenced by their parentage. Those sons born to common parentage follow their father’s career. However, for the sons of a noble, things are different. The eldest son inherits his father’s title, the second son serves as an officer in the army, the third son enters priesthood, while the fourth becomes an artist. This allocation continues for further sons. Daughters are relegated to submissive roles, being primarily used to forge social links with arranged marriages.

Order of The Soldier Son Trilogy books

Below is the list of all The Soldier Son Trilogy books in the order they were published. The order also matches the chronological order of the Solider Son Trilogy:

Shaman’s CrossingRobin Hobb2005AmazonKindleiTunes
Forest MageRobin Hobb2006AmazonKindleiTunes
Renegade’s MagicRobin Hobb2008AmazonKindleiTunes