The Tawny Man Trilogy

The Tawny Man Trilogy is an astounding set of books where in the novels the character goes through tragedy, injury and heartbreak. Robin Hobb is an American fantasy writer who is widely known for her series which are set in The Realm of the Elderlings. This 1st book in The Tawny Man trilogy is called Fool’s Errand. The series starts 15 years after the happenings in The Farseer Trilogy were determined.

Order of The Tawny Man Trilogy books

Below is the list of all The Tawny Man Trilogy books in both chronological and publication order:

Fool’s ErrandRobin Hobb2001AmazonKindleiTunes
The Golden FoolRobin Hobb2002AmazonKindleiTunes
Fool’s FateRobin Hobb2003AmazonKindleiTunes

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