Theodore Boone

Theodore Boone is a fictional character created by John Grisham, who is the title character in Grisham’s legal series for children. As of 2019, Boone has appeared in seven books.

Boone is a kind, independent 13-year-old student who resides in the medium-sized city of Strattenburg, Pennsylvania, with his parents: Woods Boone, a real estate lawyer, and Marcella Boone, a divorce attorney. Theo dreams of following in their footsteps one day, becoming either a lawyer or judge. Thanks to his parents’ work, Theo knows a great deal about the law and knows many police officers and judges in the city. He often helps his classmates solve issues they are having.

Order of the Theodore Boone Books

Below is the list of all the Theodore Boone books in their chronological order:

Kid LawyerJohn Grisham2010AmazonKindleAudiobook
The AbductionJohn Grisham2011AmazonKindleAudiobook
The AccusedJohn Grisham2012AmazonKindleAudiobook
The ActivistJohn Grisham2013AmazonKindleAudiobook
The FugitiveJohn Grisham2015AmazonKindleAudiobook
The ScandalJohn Grisham2016AmazonKindleAudiobook
The AccompliceJohn Grisham2019AmazonKindleAudiobook

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